10 TV Show Shared Universes You Had No Idea Existed

10 TV Show Shared Universes You Had No Idea Existed

Some of the most beloved moments in tv history are the result of crossover episodes like when the X-Files had a crossover with Cops or when Peter Griffin made an appearance on The Simpsons. In terms of shared universes and multiverses, audiences would be surprised to learn that some of their favorite shows exist in the same universe. Did Jess from New Girl really help Jake track down a suspect in Brooklyn Nine Nine?

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0:00 Brooklyn Nine-Nine & New Girl
0:22 Cheers/Frasier & Wings
0:53 Full House & Family Matters
1:07 Power Rangers & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
1:36 Futurama & The Simpsons
2:03 Archer & Bob’s Burgers
2:23 Breaking Bad & The X-Files
2:40 I Love Lucy & Adventures Of Superman
3:11 Ultimate Spider-Man & Jessie
3:43 Wizards Of Waverly Place & Hannah Montana & The Suite Life On Deck

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