Movie Content Plus Video 10 Times Marvel Actors Regretted Their Roles

10 Times Marvel Actors Regretted Their Roles


Being a superhero/villain and getting PAID to do that seems like it would be the perfect job and usually it is but even when you’re working in a marvel movie, it’s not always as great as it seems. I mean, in case you forgot both Daredevil and Electra happened, so we’re looking at 10 of the times plus a few bonuses when being in a Marvel branded movie, just wasn’t the best. Going from bombs like X-men Origins Wolverine to movies like Endgame and objectively the best Marvel movie so far, Infinity War and talking about all the times where actors were excited to join but that excitement turned into regret. But if anyone at Marvel or even DC (I’m desperate at this point) is listening, first of all hey how are you, you’re doing great but also if you need anyone to just stand around or even pop their head in just a few scenes, I’d be happy to join and I wouldn’t complain, I promise.

But to everyone else who won’t give me a job in a superhero movie, Let us know which one of the entries was your favorite, personally the Josh Brolin story made me like him even more and the Andrew story gets me excited for Spider-Verse… I mean no way home. and don’t forget to do all the YouTube things. You know, like, subscribe, dropping a nice comment (while optional I’ll really appreciate it) and hitting the notification bell so you will be notified the next time a video is put up on the channel.

0:00 – Intro
0:17 – Hemsworth/Thor
1:37 – Ryan Reynolds/Deadpool
2:48 – Josh Brolin/Thanos
3:52 – Jeremy Renner/Hawkeye
4:47 – Andrew Garfield/Spider-Man
5:54 – Hugo Weaving/Red Skull
7:13 – Mickey Rourke/Whiplash
7:53 – Terrence Howard/Rhodey
8:54 – Edward Norton/Hulk
9:50 – Jessica Alba/Susan Storm

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