10 Spider-Man Characters We Could See In Phase 5

You can’t claim this studio doesn’t do its damndest to flood its films with characters.

In the web-slingers career in the MCU, and the six movies he has appeared in so far including his own trilogy, a fairly sizable number of his friends, foes and other supporting cast has managed to squeeze their way onto the screen, if not always in their most famous comic book identities – yet.

But with No Way Home establishing a new status quo for our Friendly Neighborhood Wallcrawler, a lot of these characters are likely out of commission, at least for a while, or most likely won’t return in their current form. This means that the doors are open for tons of other characters that haven’t had their go yet to burst in and claim their rightful place in the spotlight.

Some have already made small appearances, but have not had their big moment yet. Others have already been teased or at least confirmed to exist in the setting. Some have remained civilian when we know them better as certain costumed crazies. And others still have not appeared at all yet and remain wishful thinking on the viewers’ part.

So let’s take a few guesses at who might show up to menace, assist or romance ol’ web-head in any future adventures – and not necessarily in that order! His cast is so insanely large in the comics by now anyway that there’s bound to be room for just about anybody who wants a go!

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00:00 – Intro
00:41 – Miles Morales
02:06 – The Prowler
03:22 – Scorpion
04:57 – Kraven the Hunter
06:25 – Gwen Stacy
07:32 – Black Cat
09:03 – Harry Osborn
10:09 – Hobgoblin
11:46 – Silver Sable
12:59 – Venom

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