10 Secret Abilities The Avengers Never Use

Wow, I bet Tony would be really ticked off if he found out some of his teammates were hiding a few tricks up their sleeves. The MCU Avengers are some of the greatest examples of how to translate characters from the page to the screen. They are unbelievably powerful, wielding some of the universe’s strongest weapons and defeating some of the toughest villains the wide multiverse has to offer. We’ve seen the best moves from our favorite heroes, or have we? No, in fact even with all the power we’ve seen, our favorite MCU Avengers are hiding some powers from the comics. Let’s take a look at the powers and abilities that the Avengers have but have never used in the MCU right now.

If there’s one MCU character who no longer has anything to prove in terms of how powerful she is, it’s the scarlet witch, even though she may now officially be gone. Wanda showed nearly unbelievable power in the MCU including taking on Thanos all on her own, and creating an entire fictional world within a hex where she had a family and took the entire town hostage. Are we surprised that Natasha Romanoff’s secrets have secrets? The best heroes always keep a trick or two up their sleeves, whether those sleeves be made of metal, leather, or even if they don’t have sleeves at all. Which hidden ability do you think we will most likely see a character use in the MCU? Be sure to like, subscribe, and comment your answer, or Hulk will never do that super clap thing again, and come on guys I really like that one.

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0:00 Intro
0:46 Scarlet Witch Hex Spheres
2:07 Super Giant Ant Man
3:35 Mjolnir’s Portals
5:13 Hulk Sees Ghosts
6:34 Captain America’s Hacking
7:51 T’Challa King of the Dead
9:04 Natasha’s Super Serum
10:23 Dr. Strange’s Telepathy
11:43 Star Lord’s Element Guns
12:56 Quick Intelligence

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Written by: Nick Twohig
Narrated by: Nick Twohig
Edited by: Umair G

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