10 Most Ruthless Things Darth Vader Has Ever Done

I’ve been reading some Star Wars comics and uh… Darth Vader is one bad motha- shut yo’ mouth! He has proven time and time again why he’s as feared as he is throughout the galaxy. And I’m gonna show you just how he’s earned that fear. So sit back, relax, sip some spiked blue milk and enjoy the 10 most ruthless things Darth Vader has ever done. Let’s dive in!

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0:00 Intro
0:50 Casually Executed His Own Men
1:50 Went All Ike Turner On His WIfe
2:41 Pulled The Ol’ Air Lock Ploy On Dr. Aphra
3:43 Tortured Han Just To Use Him As Bait
4:31 Assassinated The Royal Family Of Shu-Toran
5:37 Slaughtered More Tusken Raiders Jus’ ‘Cus
6:29 Went On A Twi’lek Rampage
7:10 Effortlessly Demolished Rebel Armies
8:36 Remember The Alderaan
9:35 The Younglings
10:27 Notable Mentions

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Written by: Glenn Brown
Narrated by: Glenn Brown
Edited by: Glenn Brown

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