Movie Content Plus Video 10 Marvel Heroes Who Defeated Thor

10 Marvel Heroes Who Defeated Thor

The Odinson. The Defender of Asgard Wieldfer of Jarnbjorn, Stormbreaker, Mjolnir and who knows how many other magical weapons. The slayer of trolls, giants, supervillains and mad gods. Superhero and Avenger. All around handsome, powerful hero.

And occasional receiver of butt-kickings from other superheroes.

That’s right. No matter how powerful our favorite Blonde Asgardian is, no superhero gets to stick around for more than half a century without eventually ending up on the wrong side of someone’s fist. And it’s not always one that belongs to a supervillain, either. It’s just too fun to watch superheroes fight, whether it’s due to friendly rivalries, disagreements or misunderstandings about whether or not someone else is actually a villain, so of course big comic book giants like Marvel absolutely adore making their many heroes go toe to toe on various occasions. And with Thor’s long history, popularity and status in the Marvel universe, he’s certainly a popular target for such smackdowns.

The thing is, he doesn’t always win, despite his status as one of the big guns. Sometimes, he gets his backside handed to him pretty soundly, and it occasionally comes from some surprising, unlikely places. Sometimes it’s someone understandable like a certain mean green smash machine, slightly surprising like various spellcasters… and completely out of left field characters you might not even have heard of unless you’re a Marvel comics encyclopedia yourself.

So let’s lean back and enjoy the schadenfreude that is watching Mr. Perfect Superhero getting his pretty face beaten in by other heroes. And make sure to add some of the encounters we didn’t mention in the comics, because Odin knows there are plenty more.


00:00 Intro
00:46 The Hulk
01:57 Doctor Strange
03:08 Scarlet Witch
04:06 The Thing
05:29 Ghost Rider
07:01 Beta Ray Bill
08:37 Hercules
10:00 Black Bolt
11:32 Wonder Man
13:14 Superman

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