10 Marvel Characters Spider-Man Can’t Beat

One of Marvel’s most recognizable heroes is Peter Parker. This insanely powerful Marvel hero began his hero career when he was just a kid, and has fought several people throughout his history. Heroes and villains alike, Spidey has taken countless opponents down, but there are just a few who have escaped his web of tricks and bested the web head again and again. There are others he has never fought, and really just shouldn’t even try. We are talking about literal gods, both of thunder and others, not to mention galactic size planet eaters, and really angry green scientists. Some of the people Peter Parker has never beaten are due to the fact that they rarely ever have reason to do battle with the web head. Then in the few instances where they do, they find some way to outsmart, outpunch, or simply outmatch our favorite amazing wall crawling teenage vigilante. Some rematches with these powerful people may see Peter Parker victorious, but as of now they’re on top. I imagine soon he may come into contact with even more in the multiverse.

Which characters that Peter has yet to fight do you think would kick his spider butt? Also, which of his undefeated adversaries do you think Peter would stand the best chance in a rematch with? Be sure to leave a like, subscribe and comment your answer, otherwise totally real not an imposter Dr. Strange may grant you a spell that just so happens to accidentally release all your villains across all time and universes. Trust me when I say that can just really ruin a weekend.

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0.00 Intro
0:32 Iron Man
2:06 Carnage
3:48 The Hulk
5:14 Professor X
6:45 Anti-Venom
8:16 Black Panther
9:41 Thor
10:54 Galactus
12:15 Mephisto
13:39 Shang Chi
14:40 Outro

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Written by: Nick Twohig
Narrated by: Nick Twohig
Edited by: Umair G.

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